Sep 26 2018

Calling all cats!

We recently renovated the original part of our hospital for our feline friends! Taking your cat to the vet can be stressful and we wanted to remove some of the elements that can create more anxiety for you and your cat. Cats need regular veterinary visits to help ensure that they live longer, healthier, and happier lives. During your cat’s check up your veterinarian can often detect diseases or conditions that may affect your cat’s health before they become more difficult to manage and treat.

Our aim is to decrease stress and fear during your cat’s appointment so that their exam is easier, they feel more comfortable when they are at the vet, and you have an easier time bringing them for their next visit. Anxiety, stress, and fear in cats can cause them to act in ways they wouldn’t at home. It can also elevate heart rate, cause muscles to tense, and mask symptoms for underlying diseases. Your cat may be relaxed at home, but coming to the vet is a different matter altogether. Loud barking, sniffing noses, and new smells, are just a few of the stressors your cat used to encounter. Let us tell you about our renovated cat friendly area:

  • Cat Friendly Attitude – Our staff receives ongoing feline centered education and they are trained in feline-friendly handling, which helps keep your cats calm and feel in control.
  • Waiting Area – The waiting area is feline friendly. Sorry snoopy, but no dogs allowed! This allows your cat to have a quieter and more peaceful waiting room experience. Even if your cat has a canine friend at home, seeing a foreign nose blow dog breath at them in their tiny carrier can still be terrifying in a place your cat is not completely comfortable in.
  • Scent Sensitive – Feliway, a synthetic feline pheromone, is used in the waiting room, all exam rooms, and the feline treatment area. The diffuser contains a synthetic pheromone chemical which has been developed specifically to help keep your cat calm.
  • Mew-sic – Music specifically designed to keep cats calm and relaxed is played throughout the cat only area from the waiting room, to every exam room and all the way to the treatment area. The music has been scientifically proven to reduce stress in cats.
  • Cat Friendly Treatment Area – The amenities above are extended to the treatment area. This helps us to get your cat’s diagnostic testing done as quickly and efficiently as possible without any undue stress to your cat.

Our cat friendly area provides a safe, non-threatening place to have your cat examined and taken care of appropriately. We strive with every exam to give your cat the care they deserve and treat them as we would our own pets. Come with your cat and see for yourself the caring difference we can make in the life of your pet.

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