Excellent care of my sheltie

“Excellent care for my sheltie, who had an emergency surgery during Hurricane Sandy. The staff is exceptionally caring and knowledgeable. Another local hospital was not able to care for her, as she was not triaged as being a priority – however, she had bladder stones (rare for female dog) and a nearly ruptured bladder – the surgery at North Penn Animal Hospital saved her life.

Furthermore, Dr Rossi seems to understand the personality of the dog, which contributes to the exceptional care. It sounds odd, but my dog is both very sweet – and can be moody. Dr Rossi recognized this and customized her care so that her emotional well being was nurtured – through visits with us, and an overnight at home in the midst of things. This was not easy for the doc to accommodate – but the change in her demeanor was undeniable.

This is the best option for anyone who needs care for a beloved pet. In addition to knowledgeable and talented veterinarians, the technicians are also exceptional. They are professional and friendly, clean and kind. In this very difficult time for us, the staff was exceptional, fostering an atmosphere of trust with their combination of knowledge and compassion. We were making difficult decisions, which turned in our favor, and the staff guided us through.

I am grateful for this amazing practice, and I encourage pet owners to try here first.”

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