Compassionate Care


Surgical Capabilities

Our experienced veterinarians provide many surgical services at our hospital, from routine to advanced procedures. Our surgeons specialize in helping brachiocephalic dogs live their best lives and do many surgical interventions as required for bulldog breeds, such as entropion, Brachycephalic Upper Airway procedures, etc. Our surgery suite is equipped with cauterizing machines, and a ventilator to ensure the best and most advanced capabilities are being utilized.

Our veterinary team takes every precaution so that your pet receives the highest-quality care. We perform a physical exam and pre-anesthetic bloodwork testing before surgery. A doctor will examine your pet at drop-off to confirm no health changes, such as skin infections or a new heart murmur.

When your pet gets the green light, a technician will put it in its enclosure overlooking the treatment area. Our dogs are separated from our cats to ensure a more calming experience. Calming music is played for our patients along with Feliway and Adaptil diffusers to allow for the most relaxing experience.

What To Expect

Our medical liaison will keep you updated every step of the surgery so that you can have peace of mind during the day. You can always text or call us to get your pet’s status.

A certified veterinary technician (CVT) will monitor your pet before and during surgery. We use the most technically advanced monitoring systems including but not limited to blood pressure, Pulse Oximetry, ECG, Capnography, and invasive blood pressure if necessary. Your pet will then get a dedicated recovery technician to ensure a safe and calming recovery from anesthesia. Your doctor and certified technician team work together to determine and provide appropriate pain medication to keep your pet comfortable during recovery. Once your pet is alert, we will schedule a time for them to go home.

Additionally, we have overnight technicians on staff if the best decision is to keep your pet overnight to ensure a healthy and safe recovery from surgery.

Types of Surgeries

Spay & Neuter-Reproduction
  • Caesarean Sections
  • Neonate Tail Docking & Dewclaws
Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Mass / lump  Removals & Biopsys
  • Entropion Eyelid Treatment
  • Enucleation of Eye
  • Splenectomy
  • Cystotomy
  • Ear Canal Resection: Zepp or TECA Procedures
Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) Corrective Surgery
  • Upper Airway
  • Soft palate
  • Nares Opening
Gastropexy- Orthopedic Surgery
  • TPLO – Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy
  • Fracture Repair
  • FHO – Femoral head osteotomy
  • Amputations – digit, limb, tail